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Our team and their certifications


Johann De Zan Age: 36. BPJEPS certified golf coach.

15 years of experience in teaching individuals and especially young players teams.

Graduated from the American Titleist performance institute in swing mechanics, young athlete development, power research, ballistics analysis, but also potential injury research, 3D swing graphics readings, as well as physiological and medical development courses.

His assets: a Cartesian approach to the game and a real passion for personal sports development

Mathieu Michaïlesco Age: 35. BPJEPS certified golf coach.

15 years of coaching experience for individuals and teams alike.
Graduate of the Titleist performance institute, Mathieu spent a lot of time in charge of different golf school in many clubs all over the country and teaching kids has nearly no secret anymore.
His assets: strong resilience to failure and solid empathy

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