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I do not understand the principle of this program?

We understand your question, this program is a bit special in this sense: it allows the student to follow a very particular scholar course in the morning in a private institute and golf lessons supervised and adapted in the afternoon.

This allows the student to progress in his favorite sport while following the official school program (American or french)

Once the baccalaureate passed (98% success) and depending on academic and sporting results, the student will choose in agreement with school officials, the best American faculty to continue his studies and golf with a scholarship

Once the bachelor degree passed, he will be able to realize his dreams either to play on the tour, or to work in the sector of activity which fascinates him.


From what age does your academy take students?

The question is completely legitimate.

All students are admitted from the 6th grade (6th grade for the international curriculum) to the BTS.

It could be a bit out of this range, depending on his golf level and his own golf project


Are there any golf level requirements?

Despite what we might believe, there are no requirement to join the golf academy.

However the scholarships for the American universities depend on the golfing level so you must be aware of the ins and outs.

Our mission is to help the student progress from 0 to his best potential


Do I have to take care of anything for my child during the school year?

In the context of a VIP program, we look after everything, even the transfer from the airport to the campus


Where is your academy located and the infrastructure of each other?

For the sake of comfort and practicality, all the infrastructures are located less than 2 km as the crow flies from each other, in the heart of Sophia Antipolis, the French Silicon Valley, in the south east of France


Your program is super interesting but it's a lot of money!

It is undeniable that it can represent a certain financial constraint however if the student pulls out of the game, he can get up to 100% scholarship.

One year in American faculty represents € 20,000 on average, on a 5-year bachelor course, this makes a return on invest of € 100,000.

The investment takes on a whole new scale from there!