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Informations and fees

Our commitments and objectives

We look after everything from A to Z

We provide our students with all the necessary tools for them to become the architects of their own destiny by giving them the proper mental, physical, and academical education they need !

This unique program merges school studies in the morning at the private international academy ICS School with golf training sessions at Empire Golf Camp in the afternoon, mentored by highly qualified professionals. Students also have the option of being accommodated at the international campus Centre International de Valbonne (CIV), where they'll have their own rooms along with all the necessary amenities, including Wi-Fi access.

This program is designed to lead young golf players towards their dreams and American universities, with the possibility of obtaining full scholarship

A life changing journey !


Students with full board will stay at the Centre International de Valbonne, a private institute which receives students from the 5 continents and from the 6th grade to the preparatory post baccalaureate classes..

The CIV opened its doors in 1978 and is a fantastic campus with all the amenities on site (food, rooms, swimming pool, infirmary, library, theater, etc.)

Moreover, next to the campus is a large bus terminal with bus routes connected throughout the whole department.

The CIV is a constantly growing community, and that is why since 2009, the arrival of the first sport-study academy,it has been the best place to share beautiful years in a warm and caring spirit.

Middle school students can choose between triple, double or single rooms.

For high school students, they can choose between triple, double or single room and for college students, the 10th grade's rooms are triple and the 11th and 12th grade's rooms are single.

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Placement in partner faculties

ICS School offers a personalized guidance from A to Z.

Each student is prepared to integrate a university in the USA: File optimization starting from middle school, intensive English studies, preparations for the SAT, TOEFL & SAT exams from high school, application form preparation, university scouting, scholarship negotiation and aid in obtaining the student visa.

The student and the direction commitee organize meetings in order to decide the direction which the student will head in.

Everything will be decided from the student's academic and golf results.

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Schedule & Education

ICS School is a unique, non-contracted private educational facility which adapts its teaching to the student's way of learning and his availability in regards to his path of becoming a champion.

In an light-hearted yet demanding environment centered around the student's needs, the individual will attend class each morning for 3 hours following either the American or French academic program (free choice).

This represents a total of 540 hours of class.

Lead by two professionals, with years of experience behind them, and passion for their job.

Apart from the outstanding quality of education, ICS School offers various extracurricular activities such as yoga, art, programming, additional language courses...

1 hour of supervised study is integrated into the program every evening for the students to catch up with their work and complete all the required personal assignments

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Golf: Programs and facilitie

The golf training led by the JB golf Academy will mostly take place in Le Golf du Victoria, but will also occasionally be spread out to regional partnering golf courses (Old Course, Riviera, St Donat, Barbossi, etc)

This program will tackle all the essential parts of training in order to unleash a golfer's true potential; mental training, nutrition, life hygiene, mechanical details of a golf swing, physical training, strategies and objectives, statistics and the "life plan".

Each one of these categories will be dug into through their sub-categories following a demanding and complete program that will be checked and kept up to date on a daily basis as well as in the long run (more information will be given at our meeting).

Particular emphasis will be placed on personal development where each student will participate in a total of 70 hours minimum of theoretical guidance where he will learn how to put his newly learnt skills to practice in his daily life!

Parents, students, and coaches will all have access to a free application called Coach Now where they will be able to communicate with one another as well as keep an eye for progress and areas of improvement.

In total, a student will have a total of 480 hours of golf practice, excluding the week-end competitions.

The academy sets up ambitious golf goals sequenced by semesters to allow students to progress with confidence and open doors to U.S universities with a potential scholarship.

The implemented competition program means that the students will participate in around 10 golf competitions a year (depending on their level) with the coach's obligatory presence if at least 4 players are participating

After each golf session, 1 hour sports lessons specific to the practice of golf assigned (yoga, athletics, endurance, mobility, agility, balance, strength, speed, explosiveness, weightlifting, etc.)

The practice of sport holds a major place in the performance of the golfer, and the numerous trainings with American institutes of our coaches will bring the best out of every individual.

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Enrollment requirements

There is no particular level requirement since our mission is to guide the player as far as he can go, towards his goals;

However, students need to show motivation and determination to undertake this unique initiation experience.

In addition, for the French who wish to integrate the international curriculum, a certain level of English is required depending on the class..

Furthermore, to integrate an American faculty, the student's level of English must be good enough in order to be able to follow the courses.

As such, a non-eliminatory knowledge test is taken to show the areas for improvement for each student in order to adapt the program in their favour

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Our team:

Johann De Zan Age: 36. BPJEPS certified golf coach.

15 years of experience and especially young players teams for 7 years.

Johann looked after hundreds of young golfers in individual lessons as such group lessons

Graduated from the American Titleist performance institute in swing mechanics, young athlete development, power research, ballistics analysis, but also potential injury research, 3D swing graphics readings, as well as physiological and medical development courses.

His assets: a Cartesian approach to the game and a real passion for personal sports development

His assets: strong resilience to failure and solid empathy

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There are many golf tournaments, divided by levels: federational, national, regional, departmental, local, etc.

A precise listing will be established at the beginning of the year in order to pre-program tournaments for students.

Accurate statistical monitoring will be applied throughout the year in order to follow both the progress and the preferred game strategies of each player.

The academy takes care of all the registrations and reservations for hotels during the tournaments so no action is required from the parents. Therefore a lump sum advance of 1000 € will be asked at the beginning of the year to facilitate the registration process.

A strict statement will be operated by our back office and any remaining balance will be refunded.

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Dear parents, dear youth, as part of our development, we offer, for each student sponsored as part of a new annual registration, a retro commission of € 1000 net.

Formulas and fees (All-inclusive over 10 months program)

(Possibility of annual, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly splitting)

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