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Golf study program

Principles and goals

The purpose of the program is firstly to respond to parents' concerns about their future of their children, and secondly so that the child can practice his passion for golf through a rich and adapted program..
We provide all the keys to our students so that they become the architects of their own destiny by giving all the mental, sports and academic skills of a very high level that they will need!

This unique program combines study in the morning at a partner establishment, and the practice of golf in the afternoon at Empire Golf Camp, supervised by highly qualified professionals.

The schedules set up for the morning lessons follow the official curriculum of the national ministry of education.

In this guided program, depending on academic and golf results, the student can obtain up to 100% scholarship, ie see all these years of higher education in partner faculties, paid!
These can be abroad as in France.

The golf training will take place on the daily basis within the golf club of Biot, but also within all the other partner golf courses in our area (Old Course, Riviera, St Donat, Barbossi, etc.)
In this part will be treated all the areas of the performance without exception, the mental, the nutrition, the life style, the mechanics of the swing, the physical training, the strategy, the objectives, the statistics and the "life plan. ".
Each of its categories will be exploited in a demanding and ambitious way in their sub-categories through an exhaustive annual program, complete, month, week and day.

(More information will be given to you during our meeting)
The emphasis will be especially on the personal development part
Students, parents and coaches will communicate via the Coach Now app and WhatsApp.
Establishment of a competition program committing to a minimum of 5 competitions per school year (depending on the level of the student) and the presence of a compulsory coach at the tournaments if the number of registrants is more than 3 students.
After each golf session, sports lessons specific to the practice of golf will be given for 1 hour (yoga, pilates, athletics, endurance, mobility, agility, balance, strength, speed, explosiveness, weight lifting, etc.)

There is no particular level requirement for entry because our mission is to take the player as far as he can go, towards his goals.
However, students must show motivation and determination to undertake this unique initiatory experience.
The academy takes care of registrations and reservations for outdoor tournaments, so no action is required by parents. As a result, a lump sum advance of 1000 € will be requested at the beginning of the year in order to facilitate the registration process.
A strict count will be operated by our back office and any remaining balance will be cashed back.


Dear parents, dear young people, as part of our development, we offer, for each pupil sponsored as part of a new annual registration, a deduction of 1000 € on the amount of your registration for that same year (or the year next if applicable)